Full Stack Software Development

Our development team is trained in today's most relevant technology stacks and can meet the following software needs.

For example, we helped develop Primer, a comprehensive AI-enabled platform for education and productivity.

  • Dynamic Web Based Applications
  • Native Mobile Applications on iOS and Android
  • Augmented and Virtual Reality Applications
  • Development of Integrations for Existing Tools, such as, Jira, Salesforce, and Chrome.
  • Static Landing Pages and Webpages for your Business

Our software development team works seamlessly with Faraya's designers, researchers, and data scientists to ensure that your solution is intuitive, aesthetically pleasing, research-informed, and data driven.

What Technology Stack Do You Use?

Our team is trained in many technologies, however we prefer to develop on a modern technology stack that minimizes the complexity and size of the source code for our clients. Our preferred stack is React and React-Native for frontend web and mobile development, as well as Node.JS/Express for backend development.