Simulation & Modeling

Our team is trained in developing many types of simulation models to meet your needs. These simulations allow for better understanding systems or products, and the results of these models can further inform decision making and product design.

  • System Dynamics Models
  • Agent-Based Simulations
  • Discrete Event Simulation & Network Models
  • Advanced physics simulation and modeling using FEA, CFD, EMAG, and thermodynamic system modeling

Simulation plays a key role in understanding and designing for complex systems. Modeling and simulation lie at the heart of Faraya's approach to designing, developing, and fine-tuning world-class products, systems, and solutions.

What Simulation Tools Do You Use?

We use ANSYS for engineering simulation and 3D design. For agent-based, discrete event, and system dynamics models, we use a mix of VenSim, and Python packages.